Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Obstacle Course of Doom

Hey! It's your favorite Wednesday poster, Josie. Yesterday it was really warm, and my brother and I made an obstacle course. Considering Saige is sporty, it was no surprise when she found the obstacle course. I decided to follow her.
Saige snuck up to McKenna and pinched her.
"Ow!" she cried. "What was that for?"
"It's Saint Patrick's Day. You're not wearing green," Saige replied. "Anyway, I found this obstacle course outside."
"So it's for two people, and I want you do it with me."
"No. I just got on my dress for Josephina's party."
"Fine. But only for a minute."
First, they had to dribble a soccer ball through cones.
"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" McKenna screamed, rolling on the ball.
Meanwhile, Saige made it look easy.
Next, they had to jump rope to the baseball base.
        "A little help? This rope is way too big!" McKenna said. I was pretty sure Saige was cheating, since she was already to the finish.     
At the base, they had to put on a blue soccer scrimmage jersey.
 "Whoa! How do you get this thing on?" McKenna asked.

  "You just have to think outside the box," Saige told her.

 Next, they had to bounce a ball on a frisbee on one foot for as long as they can.
 Instead, McKenna was kissing the ground. When she finally got up, she pleasantly said, "Sister dear, did it ever occur to you this course is for HUMANS!!!!!!!!!"
"Um, maybe," Saige admitted.
Hehe, those girls. Remember, we still need auditions for the blog for a Thursday poster. Ta-ta for now,
~Josie, Saige, and McKenna