Sunday, March 8, 2015

Make a suitcase for your doll!

Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to make a adorable suitcase for your doll.

You will need:
A small, rectangular box.
Scrapbook paper
Card stock
A jumbo straw
2 large bottle caps
Pipe cleaners

Let's make it!

First, take your box and trace one side onto the back of the scrapbook paper.

Cut that out and glue it to the box.

 Repeat for each side of the box until it is covered.

If you want, glue pipe cleaners around the edges of your box.

Now for the wheels! Take your 2 large bottle caps and trace them onto card stock.

Cut out the circles and glue them to the tops of the caps.

Now cut a long strip of card stock.

Glue that around the edges of the caps.

Now glue these to the sides of your suitcase, and you have wheels.

Let's make a handle! Take a jumbo straw and cut it into 2 short pieces and 1 long piece.

Glue these together into a handle shape, like so:

Now glue this to the top of your suitcase.

And you're done! Mary Lynn loves her new suitcase, and I hope your dolls do too!





  1. Very Creative, if I had the supplies I'd try this. Good job Clara!

  2. You can not imagine how excited I am to make this! I have been wondering what I should do with my AG clothing boxes but now I know! You are so cleaver and I always love to see what great craft ideas you have!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy you like it!

  3. Wow, ML looks so different with her new hair!


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