Monday, March 2, 2015

It Works

Have you ever had the problem of your dolls legs about to fall off? Well, I can prove that puzzle glue works. My little sisters mini doll Elizabeth legs were about to fall off, so my twin suggested that we use puzzle glue,(we love puzzles). I was a bit nervous, but it worked! First they took her clothes off and laid her on a napkin. Then they dabbed the glue in the spot were the leg was loose. Then they washed their hands, (if you don't the glue will stick to your hands forever) waited for an hour or so and her leg was perfect! The leg can still move!
What things have you done to fix your doll?

1 comment:

  1. Cool! A friend of mine had an AG doll whose limbs would fall off, so her mom would sew them back on. I had a horrible 18" doll when I was little. I say horrible because I ruined her. I drew earrings on her, painted her nails, gave her lipstick, and her hair was so awful that nothing worked. She eventually went in the trash.