Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catching The Leprechaun!

Hi guys!
I have a lot going on in my life right now. I may not have time to post next week, so be prepared Nikki! ;)
Anyway, this St. Patrick's Day Katie and Saige made a leprechaun trap. Unfortunately, the camera on my ipad was broken and my Mom wasn't home so I couldn't take photos.
Here's how we made the leprechaun trap.
Katie got a cardboard box and covered it with green paint. Saige put some green confetti inside the box("grass"). Katie drew a rainbow on a piece of cardboard and glued it to the end of the lid. Saige dug through the basement and found a mini pot with 2 fake plastic coins in it. She glued the pot to the end of the rainbow. Katie cut a hole in front of the rainbow and glued pennies on the side of the hole.

Okay, now Katie and Saige are gonna tell what happened next.

The next day me and Saige Saige and I woke up. The first thing we did was check our little trap.
Katie and I eagerly ran to the trap. Instead of finding a leprechaun, we found a very naughty dog...
Eating our coins! Sam was there, chewing on a penny. Saige gasped in horror and passed out.
First thing first, I did not pass out. I fainted. Anyways, I quickly called the vet.
The vet didn't believe Saige at first. We finally convinced her to come to our house.
The vet came and did an X-ray. The vet said she would take Sam to the office and give him surgery.
And guess who passed out fainted again.
Katie and I were late for school. The teacher gave us the stink eye and marked us tardy.
Wow. We've been tardy 27 times this year already!

Okay, so then Katie and Saige started to bicker about the story and I had to have them end the story.
See you guys next week!
Guess who's birthday is on April 13?