About Josie

Hi, I'm Josie! You may have seen me at my blog, josieonthego.com

I'm really excited to blog with you. I will be posting on Wednesdays. Here's a little about myself (and my dolls). 

About me:
*I am really involved in 4-H. I do fairs, speech competitions, clubs,  and I'm a 4-H health ambassador.
*I am a synchronized swimmer. I take lessons at the YMCA.
*I, like Loren, am a writer. I am writing short stories to send into magazines and I am also writing a novel.  
*I'm 11.
*My favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. (Just a warning, my other blog doesn't let me have different colors, so expect very colorful posts from me.)
About my dolls:
*My first doll is Natalie, a Madame Alexander doll.
*Next is Kaitlyn, an American Girl doll.
*Then we have Lily, a Journey Girl doll ("Callie").
*Then Felicity, the older version. She too is an American Girl doll.
*Then McKenna, American Girl GOTY 2012.
*Next, we have Saige, American Girl GOTY 2013.
*Then my mini AG doll, Isabelle, GOTY 2015.  
*And my newest AG, Caroline



  1. Josie, I also do 4H! I do 4H dog and show in youth fair and state fair(this was our first year in state fair). We also just started a robotics club but I am not in that. What 4h projects do you do?


  2. I love to write! My favorite color is pink!