Sunday, June 14, 2015


hey everyone..
as you may have noticed, a lot of our members have quit, and those who have not are not having fun. This blog will no longer be posted on.
We will be creating a new blog! This will be a wordpress blog. We actually need name suggestions, so please comment names incorporating bloggers, dolls, and collaboration.
A link to our new blog will be up soon!
1. Email me ( or use the contact form on this page, telling us why you should be in this blog, and tell us which *spot you want. You must have a blog to be in, or have previous blogging experience.
*spots will be addressed later in this post
Photostories (taken), Photoshoots (taken) Wild Card (1), Wild Card (2), Games, DIY/Tutorials, and Crafts.
Also, tell us any days you would like. We cannot guarantee you will get the ay or spot you want, but we'll try our best. 
We'll miss this blog greatly, and good luck to those who entered!

1 comment:

  1. I might be able to do it, but I probably couldn't post every week, so I probably won't. But since it's Wordpress I'll be able to follow! You could name it Girls with Dolls (but that isn't very creative.) or All These Dolls.