About Chae

Hey everyone! I am Chae. I run a blog called commentarywithmichealah, and I am super excited to be on this blog! Here is some fun facts about ME.

  1. I LOVE to read, ( NEVER ask what my faverite book is)
  2. I also love to write stories, (hmmm lets see, i only finished a bunch of short stories, does that count?)
  3. I am a terrible speller, ( do NOT ASK ME HOW TO SPELL exhilarranted)
  4. I don't watch a ton of tv, but my fave shows are big cat diary, (urghhhhh, Netflix took it off before me and my sister finished it, urghhhhhhhhh) and WILD KRATTS!!! CHRIS AND MARTIN ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't really have a ton of AG's, (cause i am waaay to practical) but me and sisters have a dollhouse with minis in it. Kristen, (my favorite!) Rebecca, Felicity, Elizabeth, Anne, Corrie, (after corrie ten boom) Isabella, and David.
  6. I loveeee acting and playing dress up, ( why is there only dress up clothes for little kids!)
  7. I am the oldest of a twin sister, and a little sister.
  8. My worst nightmare is for someone to put mustard on my burger instead of ketchup, ( sonic,urghhhhhhhhh)


  1. How do you pronounce Chae? Is it like Kay?


  2. I love to read to! And write! And I hate spelling! :)

    1. yea, it is. though its just one of my nicknames.

    2. Cool! I like the spelling of your nickname. :)