Sunday, May 3, 2015

Photostory: Poppy and Toothless's adventure!

Hello! Today I did a little photostory with my Blythe doll Poppy and her pet dragon, Toothless. Enjoy!

Poppy and Toothless the dragon went outside to have some fun. First, they visited their friend Elmer the dwarf in his garden home. 

Toothless loved the leafy green bushes. He even tried to eat one!

Poppy loved the little wishing well. She was admiring it when she heard...

"Hey! Get off my house, you crazy dragon!" She whirled around to see Toothless on Elmer's roof!

Toothless danced around and stuck his tongue out. 

"Toothless! Get. Down. NOW!!" Poppy shouted. Toothless meekly jumped down and they left Elmer's garden.

A little while later...... "Jump, Toothless! I'll catch you (famous last words)!"

Toothless prepared to jump.





Toothless and Poppy walked for a while before they stopped to rest. Poppy sat down and said,"Toothless, this had been fun! Where do you want to go next? Toothless?!?"

Toothless had climbed up a piece of a branch and was hanging by his tail from the very top! "Oh my! Toothless, very carefully climb down." said Poppy.

Toothless slid down and slammed into Poppy.

She hugged him. "Don't you ever do that again!"

They continued on. Poppy was getting very tired.

"Toothless, I think I'll stop and rest.. for just... a minute....." 

Poppy lay down. Toothless, who had endless energy, lay down beside her and mimicked her. 

Then he got bored and climbed on top of her.

When he started licking her face, Poppy finally sat up.

"Okay, okay, I'm up!" she said. Toothless danced eagerly in front of her. "Do you want to play?" she asked him.

"Alright then, fetch!" she exclaimed.

Toothless dashed towards the stick and brought it eagerly back.

"Good boy!" said Poppy. They played for a while longer before starting home. 

As they crossed a bridge, Poppy whined, "Toothless, my legs hurt."

Toothless turned around and made a little whimpering sound.

After a few more steps, Poppy sat down and refused to move. "I'm just too tired, Toothless." she said.

So the faithful dragon grabbed Poppy's dress in his teeth and began to pull her home.

He pulled...

..and pulled....

..and pulled. Finally, they were home!

Poppy went straight to her bed.

And Toothless raided the fridge! 


What did y'all think? I really enjoyed making this photostory.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Aww, so cute! That was a really fun photostory.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. Cute! I LOVE Toothless! :D


  3. Adorable! That little Toothless is sooooo cute!