Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to Make a Candy Jar+What Is She Doing?

Hi guys!
It's me, Eunice. Today I'll show you how to make a candy jar along with a photo for you guys to caption. So, come on! Let's get started!

You'll need: 
A clear glass jar(I got mine from the dollar section in Target)
Candy(I used M&M's and Hershey Bliss Dark Chocolate)
A Ribbon(Optional)
This candy jar is so easy to make. Just fill your jar with your candy, put the cap/cork on, and tie it with a ribbon. This is a really inexpensive craft and can be used for almost anything. You could use it as a party favor, present, decoration, or just eat it. :)

Now for the photo you guys are gonna caption!

Just leave a comment with your caption, and next week I'll pick my favorite.
For example:
Katie: Hehe. I'm sure Saige won't mind if I took this chocolate.
Katie eats the chocolate.
Katie OMG! This is delicious! I'll just have one more...
One hour later...
Saige: Finally! I can enjoy the delicious candy in my candy jar!
Saige: What the? There's no more candy left! Katie...
Katie: Uh-oh.

I hope you enjoyed my post today! "See" you guys next week!


P.S. This craft was inspired by SoCraftastic and American Girl Fan.

Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Make a Spring Time (Or any time!) Banner

Today I'll be showing you how to make a super simple banner!

You will need:
1. Scrapbook Paper
2. A Sharpie Pen
3. Ribbon
4. Glue
 Step 1: Cut out six triangles out of scrapbook paper.
Step 2: Write the word "SPRING" out, one letter per triangle.
Step 3: Cut out a piece of ribbon
Step 4: Glue the triangles on and you are finished!
I hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lego-lerdo Saige

MJ Valdez was bored. Breakfast had been an hour ago, and she had just let two of the girls she was staying with, Saige and Savannah, dress up in her clothes.
She walked through Loren's house aimlessly, wondering what the lime peels she could do.

Then, high up on a shelf, she saw a Spanish-English dictionary. Her dad had been Spanish, so she knew some -- not mucho grande, but she was OK at it. She decided to read the dictionary and brush up on her Spanish.

MJ climbed up the computer desk to get to the dictionary. She grabbed the book, and . . .

Toppled backwards! She landed with a thud on the printer, but she still held the book.

Reaching up, MJ grasped a handle to a cabinet. She pulled herself up, using it as leverage.

But then the door swung open, and hit MJ in the face.

She tumbled to the side and landed on the dictionary. "Ow, ow, ow . . ."

When she got up, MJ went to close the door, but saw something that stopped her.

She flung the doors open and shouted, "Video games!"

MJ spread them out, oohing and aahing over each one. There were four video games total.

"Indiana Jones -- The Original Adventure . . . Star Wars . . . Indiana Jones -- The Adventure Continues . . . BATMAN!"

MJ decided to play the Batman game. She set it up, and then a video started to play. It was a fight between two henchmen and the Dark Knight. "Get 'em, Batman!" she exclaimed.

Savannah and Saige found MJ just as Robin was falling off of a building.
"Hey, MJ!" Saige said. "What do you think?" She twirled, showing off MJ's apron that she was wearing like a dress.

MJ looked over her shoulder and replied absently, "Yeah, cute outfits." Then she turned back to the screen.

Saige and Ana climbed the computer desk and slid into the chair beside their famous guest.
"What are you doing?" Saige asked.


"Playing Lego Batman. Hey, I've got an idea! You and Savannah can take turns playing as Robin. Saige can go first. How does that sound?"

"Let's do it!" she other girls chorused.

Saige looked at the keys and asked, "So, um, how do you play?"

"Arrow keys are run," Savannah told her. "Five is jump, one is fight, three is getting in vehicles, and two is pretty much everything else."

"OK, fight. . . jump . . ." Saige ended up making Robin die in the Batcave.

After a minute of Saige practicing the controls, MJ started the first level, "You Can Bank on Batman."

"You can beat up Robin all you want -- I'm still not coming down," MJ said in an accent as henchmen started hitting Robin. She moved Batman along a tight-rope line thingy above the fighting.

"Gaahh! They're killing me, MJ!" Saige shrieked.

MJ smacked her head on the keyboard as Saige pressed 1 -- fight -- when she should have pressed 5, jump.
"Vamos, Saige!" she exclaimed in Spanish. "El empuje cinco, no uno! Usted lerdo-lerdo!"

Saige paused the game, turned to Savannah, and asked, "What did she just say?"

Ana shrugged. "Try using Google Translate."

Saige pulled out the phone that she and Isabelle shared. "Vamos, Saige. El empuje cinco, no uno . . . Usted lerdo-lerdo," she muttered. "Translate: Come on, Saige!" she shouted after a minute. "Push five, not one! You dum-dum!"

Savannah turned to MJ, who was waving her arms around wildly, and said, "Can I play now!"
"Si!" MJ answered desperately. "Usted, pero no vaquera Saige!*"
Thanks for reading,

*Yes! You, but not cowgirl Saige!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Felicity? Cooking? Again?

Hi, I'm Josie! I'll be your Wednesday poster. To start off, I prepared for you a photo story! Enjoy!
 Hi everyone! It's Felicity. Today I'm going to show you how to cook my special brownies. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Felicity, you've already tried cooking on your mom's blog and it didn't work. What makes you think you're going to do any better now?"
1. The first time when I tried to make a smoothie the blender was literally taller than me.
2. I might have forgotten some ingredients when I made cookies...
3. Third time's a charm! Right?

First, get the brownie mix and the ingredients it says on the box. On mine, it says:



And water. But you can't really get that out... You have to go to the sink or whatever.
Next, my special ingredients:

Chocolate covered pretzels!

Chocolate chip cookies!
Okay, now mix all of your ingredients, put them in a pan, and cook them!
 Now we wait...

And wait.
And wait.
YAY! They're done! They're... cheerios? Maybe third time's not a charm. Or maybe I cooked it too long or left out some ingredients. Either way, I cooked breakfast, right? I mean, that's good.
Okay, maybe they turned out to be vegetable-chocolate cheerios and made Caroline (my sis) sick. Oh well. Maybe I should stick to riding horses.
~Josie and Felicity 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Name That Doll!

 Hello everyone! My name is Hope. I will be your Tuesday poster! I decided my first post here would be a little fun post. I am going to do a Name That Doll! So, you guys are going to rename one of the MAG dolls. Next Tuesday, I will announce the winning name and do another post. Okay, so the doll will be MAG #56.

 Here are the name options:

1. Kylie
2. Isabel
3. Kristina
4. Diana
5. Lori
6. Emerald

Vote on which you like better. Voting will end next Tuesday. I will count up the votes and tell you the winner in my next post! 

Thanks guys for voting!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Something Is Not Right!

It was all quiet at the dollhouse that night, 6 hours to morning to be precise.

Rebecca, the cook for the dollhouse, was all tucked up in bed, snoozing away.

But then, opening her eyes, she sat up in bed and told herself, SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!
Pulling on her hat, she went and checked her wall, to make sure that felicity hadn't thrown away her moose head.
Taking off her hat, she went into the parlor to see if her birds were fine.

Jojo, her Scarlet macaw, eyed her over his cup of sugar. mine! he squawked.
Naughty bird.  Rebecca scolded her macaw, and chirped to her parakeet as she went upstairs.

Arriving upstairs, the cook found everything to be fine, Elizabeth and felicity slept and ally, the calico cat, eyed her warily form her nest of blankets where her kitten's played
Leaning over Rebecca smiled at ally and her brood. hmm, she thought,  what are we going to name them?
Glancing at the girls as they slept, the cook held in a giggle, how peaceful did they look!

Trotting across the floor, she peeked into the girls room. and could not help but tsk her tongue. how messy was the room!
Rebecca's heart melted as she looked at Isabella. she was a super sweet toddler.
Her smile deepened as she looked at red-headed corrie. she was a little Hebrew girl the girls had taken in, cause her parents had died. and in honor of corrie ten boom,  helper of the Hebrews, that became her name.

Rebecca nearly laughed as she looked at Anne, the first little that had been taken in. she had been in this dollhouse ever since we had moved here.
Rebecca then climbed the stairs to the attic, and found that a huge town of toys had been set up, and that Kristen had gone to bed without cleaning it up!

Shaking her head, she looked closer at the town and chuckled.
Walking over to David's room, she laughed to see that no-one could see his face!

Walking downstairs, Rebecca frowned and said,  IF ANYONE BROKE INTO MY KITCHEN...........
Looking into her kitchen, she was relieved to find that her kitchen was intact.
Smiling, she went back up to bed.
An hour later..........   something is not RIGHT!