Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Name That Doll!

 Hello everyone! My name is Hope. I will be your Tuesday poster! I decided my first post here would be a little fun post. I am going to do a Name That Doll! So, you guys are going to rename one of the MAG dolls. Next Tuesday, I will announce the winning name and do another post. Okay, so the doll will be MAG #56.

 Here are the name options:

1. Kylie
2. Isabel
3. Kristina
4. Diana
5. Lori
6. Emerald

Vote on which you like better. Voting will end next Tuesday. I will count up the votes and tell you the winner in my next post! 

Thanks guys for voting!


  1. I would pick Kylie or Lori. I have this doll and her twin is named Lorie. I named my #56 Jaicelynn Mariah, and her nickname is Jaicee.


    1. That is cute name for her Morgan! I think this doll is so cute and I kind of want her. Thanks for voting!


    2. Thanks! You should get her. She's so pretty! You're welcome.