Sunday, February 22, 2015

Make a Doll - Sized notebook and pencil!

Hi, everyone! Today, I'm going to be showing you all how to make school supplies for your dolls using your old school supplies! (Please get a parent's permission before cutting up anything.)
You will need:
         An old spiral - bound notebook  
        An old pencil
Duck Tape
Very sharp scissors
Wire cutters (please get permission to use these, as they are very sharp!)
Pencil sharpener

First, take your notebook and mark how big you want your doll notebook to be.

Next, take your wire cutters and cut the wire in the two spots marked::

Now, you need to cut out your doll notebook. Take some very sharp scissors, and cut along the lines. You may need an adult's help with this!
Once your notebook is cut out, you need to cover the front and back with Duck Tape:
Open the notebook and trim the rough edges on the pages.

Now, let's make a pencil to go with it!

First, take a wooden pencil, and snap it in half.
Now, take the broken pencil and sharpen it down until it is the desired size.

And you're done! I hope your dolls enjoy this!



  1. That is so cute! I will definitely be trying that. Thanks for sharing Clara!


  2. That is such a great idea! It is such a great way to make a spiral notebook for dolls, and I really want to try it!

  3. Awesome! Love this.