Monday, March 16, 2015

Caption This!

Hello, hello, and bonjour, bonjour...... I think that's how you say hello in french............ anyway here is what I am going to start doing for my posting, funny pictures for you to caption! Also, depending on how I am feeling is the kind of picture you guys are going to get. For instance look at this picture,
observe the tissues and upset faces of the dolls, indicating that I have a cold. again. A topside view please!

It's probably the same picture, but anyway, tell me please what  y'all make of it. (I won't try to explain the rules, I don't understand how to explain them anyway) :).
Ar veoir! Chow! AND GOOD BYE!  ( I think that is how you say it in french)

1 comment:

  1. Goodbye is actually au revoir, I believe. The dolls look like they're saying, "Aww you have a cold? That means we won't get played with!"