Monday, April 13, 2015

Us Again!

Hey, y'all. its Kristen! Thank you for reading my boring diary posts. Now, I should tell you guys about my family.

Felicity is the motherly-figure to us all, including the little girls and David. (though David thinks I'm his mother) she hates JoJo.
Elizabeth is the one who brought the house, she loves beautiful things and until recently was sick, but doc made her better. she loves animals and kittens. 
Rebecca is the cook,housekeeper,rule setter. she has  a parakeet and a parrot named JoJo. She keeps trying to put her foot down about no more kids or pets, but its not working. she has a moose head everyone wants her to get rid of.
Then there is me. I help with the housework. (though we are not allowed in the kitchen, Rebecca's rule)

The kids:
Anne. the first child here, she is from china.
Corrie. the second child here, a Hebrew, she is named after corrie ten boom.
Isabelle. the third child here and is from Peru. 
David. the last child here if Rebecca has her way. 


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