Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day Fun

This year, my dolls decided  to do something they call "The Fools Wars." The team who gets the most successful (but harmless) pranks wins, um...
*Asks Saige what prize is*
Brag points. They win brag points.
The teams are:
Saige and Caroline
McKenna and Kaitlyn
Lily and Natalie
Isabelle and Felicity
Here are a few snips:
"McKenna, McKenna! Guess what!?"
"Mom's getting Grace!"
 "Yes! Finally a fashionista!"
"April Fools!"
 "Um, Lissie, who told you that was stylish?"
"Kaitlyn but- oh, it was a trick!"
And the winning team was...
McKenna and Kaitlyn!
I had more photos, but they accidentally got deleted :(. See you next Wednesday!

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